Children & Families

I absolutely LOVE photographing babies and children – no seriously. My own son is four and kids are always so intensely busy with their own little projects, they don’t understand our world yet and they rarely care, instead utterly entranced by an ant climbing a wall, the way a flower petal fall just so when pulled and dropped in the wind.

Needless to say children make excellent subjects simply by introducing a bit of that photo-magic I like affectionately call chaos. As you are probably aware I am a passionate documentary photographer and children give me everything I need to take amazing shots, as always, I am equally happy to do ‘posed’ shots but it can definitely be helpful to adjust your expectation of what this means in advance! Get in touch for a quote.

All shoots are delivered in an online gallery offering direct order’s for cards, calenders, canases and lots of other things that don’t start with c! For an exmaple click here.