1) How much do you charge?

A full day of photography starts at £1600.00 (2023 rates) for further info of what is included in this day rate please click here. I only shoot 24 weddings a year and prioritize full days. However if you have a late booking, out of season, or mid-week event I am always happy to consider shooting for less time. Especially since Covid, we have all become aware of different needs so even if you are having a micro wedding do drop me a line and I’d be happy to check my availability.

2) Do you sell albums/prints etc?

All shoots are delivered in an online gallery that can be shared with friends and family (or not!) I have spent a long time sourcing the right gallery host and am really very happy with this one. You can see an example gallery here – if you scroll to the bottom you will see albums, prints, wall art, calendars and cards can all be ordered directly from the gallery! I’ve found this works out as far more time effective for both clients and myself in terms of purchasing physical copies of the images. OF course, if you don’t want to order from the gallery that’s totally fine too – you can simply download your images and print them wherever you wish

3) Who will own the copyright of the photographs?

All photographers own copyright over their own work, this is standard practice across the industry and even applies to photos you might take yourself on your phone. Legally speaking wedding photographers are granting their clients the right to print and use images for personal use only. In the unlikely event you want to use one of your wedding photos to promote your website drop me a line and we can sort a license out no bother.

4) What will you do with the photographs?

There are three main levels of usage open to me as a photographer all of which are an invaluable benefit to running my business; on my own media channels, as submissions to wedding blogs and as stock images (this has never happened but worth a mention). However, my client’s wishes are paramount and should you not wish to permit use this will not affect your booking in any way. Further details are in your contract but please do drop me a line if you are unsure.

5) Why is wedding photography so expensive?

An 8 hour wedding day tends to result in a few thousand images, more with multiple shooters. All images must be processed from RAW files, backed-up, go through a rigorous selection process, modified and finally edited to ensure maximum quality and aesthetic. They are then uploaded to a gallery and labelled/distributed accordingly. One thousand images can take anywhere between 12-16 hours to process. This work is the bulk of what wedding photographers spend our time doing, however in the interest of full disclosure your money also goes towards equipment, insurance, software programmes, file management etc. If you do the math (and I often don’t!) you quickly see that most of us do this because we love it far more than any financial benefits. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand how expensive weddings are but with photography in particular clients/guests often only see the tip of the grafting iceberg and perhaps forget this is the one thing that you will keep for the rest of your life whilst most other elements last just one day.

6) How much is the deposit/when do I have to pay the remaining balance?

Once you are happy with the quote I have provided I ask for 20% of the final balance 6 months in advance to confirm the date.

7) How long will I have to wait to see my photographs?

I always quote 6-8 weeks however this very much depends on the time of year. Weddings around Autumn/Winter tend to get attention quicker as I am out shooting less, summer bookings can take the maximum time quoted. Once the gallery is live you will receive a link via email and can share with whomever you wish.

8) Are there travel/food costs?

If your ceremony and reception take place in different locations I do ask for transportation between them. I am very happy to jump in with bridesmaids, aunts/uncles, even the bride and/or groom, anyone who will have me as this is often a nice opportunity to get some extra candid images.

For shoots over 6 hours I do request that you provide vegetarian food. This is best served at the same time your guests are eating as I have yet to meet someone who likes having their photograph taken whilst eating! There’s no need to find seating though as I usually eat at a bar, separate lounge room or once even – in a utilities cupboard!

9) Have you shot at my venue before?

This is such a red-herring question for me but I know lots of people advise asking so I wanted to address it here. Have I shot at a lot of London wedding venues – yes, does that mean I am better at shooting there than in new places – not even a little bit. Photography is all about using what you have at the time – light changes the look of locations daily, even hourly and even if it does look the same, do you really want the exact same images as other couples. As a photographer, I find the best angles, the best locations and the best compositions with what I have, not what I think I might have in two months’ time. So rest assured whether I’ve worked at your venue before or not, you will get some truly unique images of you, on your day, in your venue.

10) Is there anything I can do to get the most out of my pictures?

Well I’m glad you asked! Check out this brief guide here.