Ok so I’ve been wracking my brains over the last few months, thinking how I can help keep my work accessible during the current cost of living crisis here in the UK.

I firmly believe that everyone deserves amazing photos of their wedding day and the investment is worth every penny – after all, what else will you have to look back on decades from now. However, we’ve all been hit by these price hikes and are all looking at ways to save, or spread costs wherever possible. With this in mind I’ve decided to offer Payment Plans to anyone who might need it this year.

Here’s the deal;

  • Interest Free – my aim is to help, not get people into debt so costs will remain the same whether you choose to pay it all upfront or split the cost.
  • Deposit required – in order to secure your date you will still need to pay an initial deposit this is due to the fact I will be turning away other enquiries based on your booking.
  • Minimum Booking of 6 hours – this is simply to ensure my costs are covered with the split payments.
  • Monthly payments based on 30% of balance owed after deposit are standard, however I am open to other plans where needed.

For more info drop me an email and I’d be happy to discuss options openly and honestly.