Full day wedding shoots are £1600.00

So what does that get you…


  • A zoom or phone call to chat through your ideas and plans for the day. I’ll be frantically scribbling notes to work out when would be best to fit in any pictures and get an idea of how long you will need me, when, where and what equipment I need to bring.
  • Any support or advice my ten plus years of experience can provide! I worked as a producer before this so I am no stranger to planning an elaborate event, PLUS I have contacts coming out of my ears; you want a shit-hot videographer? I’ll hook you up, need an ECTO1 to drive you to your ceremony? I’m your girl (no seriously – and bonus points if you know what an ECTO1 is). If I don’t already know what you are looking for I will relish the challenge to find it for you.
  • A complimentary pre-shoot when you book eight hours or more. I LOVE these shoots, especially if you or your partner are feeling a bit weird about basically being papped all day – it give you a chance to see how I work (quietly and unobtrusively) as well as a bit more time getting to know each other so I don’t turn up on your wedding day as a total stranger. Plus, you can use the photos on the day – I’ve seen invites with them on, timings for the day and even badges.
  • Another zoom or phone call a few weeks before the wedding to go over final plans if you want/need. I’m totally aware that even the most relaxed weddings have a lot of moving parts so I’ll put together a schedule based on your questionnaire that we can look through together and make sure everything that is important to you is covered and don’t worry if it changes on the day – just send over a bridesmaid or usher to pass on the message and I’ll be happy to roll with it.


  • Travel and accommodation within London or Brighton, and some other places if I can find a place to crash. I always keep wedding shoot days exclusive so will not be doing any other work at any time on that day. However some weddings start super early and/or end super late and it is necessary for me to stay in the area, I love a bit of travel and am very happy in a local Travelodge or Premier Inn so if you’re getting married outside of these areas please do make an enquiry and I’ll give you an accurate quote including travel/accommodation if needed.
  • Eight consecutive hours of exclusive photography wherever and whenever you want. I’ve shot in every lighting condition, every weather and every crowd you can think of (ex music photographers have faced ALL the challenges!) I will use my extensive experience to capture the story of your day from the first sip of coffee to the last shot of tequila. I will be there in the background watching for lighting, composition and all those other good things that make me a professional photographer and not just a mate with a good camera.


  • ALLLLLLLL of the post production – usually this takes around three times longer than the actual shoot! I know it sounds crazy in today’s instant gratification social media world but some things don’t change and if you want something with a bit more thought and creativity than an insta snap and filter it takes a while to make. I go through every single photograph taken during your day – this can be in the thousands – and check it for quality, creativity and value as part of your day. Each shot is then individually edited to be the best version of itself possible – I don’t do any heavy editing as standard but I will always tweak things like lighting, angles, skin tone and bloody fire escape signs if needed.
  • Around four-hundred final images – appx fifty per hour, just under one for each minute of the day, basically, a lot. I say around because I’ve delivered up to fifty more or less depending on what is going on during your day – sometimes you really need a series of photographs to show an event unfolding, other times just one or two really strong shots are enough, it all depends on your unique day. Once I have the perfect set of images for you I do all the boring techy stuff like reformatting so you can actually see them on normal computer software, upload them to your socials without crashing the site coz the files are the size of a house and uploading the whole kit and kaboodle to an online gallery to share with friends, family or anyone you wish. Hidden bonus – you can also buy stuff with your photos directly from that gallery – check it out.