Destination Weddings

So you’ve thought long and hard and decided England is not in your dream wedding scenario, I hear you. Maybe you’re picturing a rustic outdoors elopement, or a serene wintery moutainscape, perhaps a beach with powder soft sand suits you are maybe even a bustling European city. With enough time and planning you can get married ANYWHERE you want and I would be honoured to join you on that journey.

Having produced countless international photoshoots both for myself and to a brief from other countries I know a thing or two about planning a shoot abroad. Firstly let me reassure you I will only ever offer you an ‘all in’ package, I know many photogrpahers charge for flights, accomodation, expenses and shoot time all seperately but I want to take the sting out of it for you and will be happy to quote you one price so you can sit back and relax knowing there is nothing more to take care of when it comes to photography.

‘But what if you are not familiar with my venue?’ I hear you cry, well as reassuring as it is to walk into a town hall and know that you are gonna get all the same shots as other couples new locations inspire new creativity and any photographer worth investing in will thrive on exporing a new location. New light, new envorniment, new architecture and new, unique images. If you have shots in mind that simply cannot be done justice withour a prior visit this is also something I am very happy to include.

European weddings start at just £1000.00 so get in touch and tell me more about what your ideal wedding day looks like, I would love to help it become a reality for you.