Mailing List

What!? A mailing list, didn’t you know it’s the roaring 20’s and no-one but no one has time to read mail outs!

Well, yes.

BUT, i just can’t help myself I got thinking recently about allllllllll the stuff i have learned along the way; awesome suppliers, how not to make your vicar mad, the best alternative venues in London, where to get an ECTO1 to drive you to your ceremony. Y’know all that really hard to come by info that many couples simply don’t have time to research. Well, here I am, coming at you with over ten years experience and I just can’t keep it to myeslf anymore so if you fancy joining the mailing list, you’ll get a cool 10% off voucher, some pearls of wisdom in your inbox (no more than once a month – PROMISE) and if you get bored anytime you can just unsubscribe whenever you want.

In? You know what to do x