Supplier Registration

Thank you for your interest in taking part at one of our upcoming online wedding fairs. Events will take place over Zoom a free online meeting service that can be used on your smartphone or PC (for the record I do not work for zoom or have any vested interest in them).

Events will be ‘themed’ in order to ensure attendees are looking for the same ‘type’ of suppliers that are presenting. Each supplier will have 10 mins to present their business in whichever way they wish; zoom enables screen sharing so you could prepare a power point, simply show visitors around your website, appear on camera and talk about your service or anything else you wish. zoom allows the meeting holder (myself) to ‘mute’ various or all attendees which can of course be very helpful with up to 100 participants! After your presentation I will allow another 10 mins for questions from attendees, un-muting them as and when needed of course.

At the end of the event attendees will receive a password allowing access to a site with all of the suppliers on and a link to – again – wherever you wish, you could use your own email address, website, facebook page or anything else you think potential clients would like.

Selection is based on suitability for the event, I plan to hold more than one focused on various styles of wedding so if you do not get selected this time please remember I will keep your details on file and be in touch if something else comes up in future. As with real-life wedding fairs there is a fee around £20 for those that take part however it is much lower than usual due to the constraints required in an online vs real world setting.

For FAQ please see below, if you are interested in taking part please click on the link below and add your details, I will be in touch as soon as we have a date confirmed. If you have any questions not covered in the FAQ feel free to message me here.


  1. How should I present my business!? This one really is up to you however I would strongly advise getting in front of the camera for at least part of your presentation. Couples book based on personality and raport more than they (or we!) give credit so if you can find a clean corner of your house or quiet spot on your daily exercize route I would strongly recommend getting a little intro video and/or going live if at all possible.
  2. Can’t couples just google this stuff? In a word yes, BUT as we all know this is a hugely over saturated market with sometimes mind boggling range in value and cost so the comfort of knowing that all suppliers are relevant to their needs, trustworthy (back to getting your face on camera!) and around their budget will save them a hugfe amount of time. PLUS most engaged couples are curretnly sat at home desperate to fill their lockdown time dreaming of a time when they can be with freinds and family again so why not add to their fantasty.
  3. Why the cost? Quite simply to cover my time and admin. I am a photographer myself and have been hit by this global pandemic much the same way as many of you BUT I am also a producer, co-ordinator and event manager so thought it high time to use my transferable skills to help everyone in the industry and get a little more cash to pay my rent and feed my son and I.
  4. How many suppliers/attendees? This is TBC but I am aiming for around 10 divided up into two, two hour sessions. Attendees I am aiming for 40 but this could go as high as 90!
  5. Why should I take part? I do my marketing what more do i need? As mentioned previously the one economically beneficial part of this lockdown is that you currently have a captive audience – literally – all sat at home looking for activities to pass the time. The benefit of an event is you can guarantee everyone in attendance is looking for suppliers, everyone is looking for suppliers that fit your style and everyone is looking to make bookings. In short – your ideal clients. Plus, as a bonus you get to see and e-meet some other fantastic suppliers and network beyond the event should you wish.