Liz and Stu in Stokey

Liz and Stu chose to marry in the gorgeously art deco Stoke Newington Town Hall. A London couple to the core, they met in a pub here many years ago when both Liz and I worked together as bartenders. She thought Stu was in a band playing that night so gave him free drinks only to find out later that he worked in IT and was just a friend of the lead singer. He bought her a shot of Tuaca and they spent the next decade (or more!) partying their way around most of North London’s pubs and clubs and are still often found propping up the bar and making new friends wherever they go.

It probably goes without saying that I jumped at the chance to photograph their wedding day and knew Liz well enough to know she would spare no time in making this wedding look hot as shit! She’s a talented designer and always had an incredible eye for detail…though I’m not sure anyone thought she’d go as far as banning an entire colour from the day (play spot the rebellious blue details from the bridal party!) I mean if you’re gonna have a colour palette you want it to work right!

As you can see the whole event was a delight for the eyeballs (THAT headdress anyone!? I swear I gasped when I first saw it!) and I love the fact I’ve bumped into these two since at another wedding I was shooting, Stu was in his wedding suit and Liz was in her wedding shoes – no one-wear use with these two! Scroll to the bottom for supplier details in this one, and if you’ve got any questions just drop me a line.

Bride – @Lil_rouge

Groom – @Stuey_p

nails –

hair – / @rupops 

my headdress – @petal.and.metal.bridal

bridal party flowers – @bellesflowerstudio

ceremony flowers – @_folka_

reception flowers – @evergreenandoutrageous Wedding Dress – @Turnervintage

venue – @hackneyvenues 

reception venue – @thelondesborough

reception flowers – @suziehinesight